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It is both our privilege and kuleana to provide a space for community gathering, yoga, healing, and transformation. KALO Mind & Body is a company grown from a space of passion. Recognizing the need that we all seek a deeper space of understanding and being.  


This is an era in time encouraging us to reconnect to our truth and pure limitless purpose. KALO Mind & Body’s intention is to hold a space rooted in love and understanding. We open our doors to you, to step into a safe space to: be vulnerable, to come undone and let down the walls of self protection, in order to recreate yourself in each moment, again and again.

We honor the cycles in nature and incorporate teachings from long rooted indigenous practices to facilitate a diversity of experiential sessions for whole body, mind and soul unity and clarity.

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founder & instructor

Whitney Pi’ilani

Allow the Universe to use you and become the highest manifestation of yourself. Each relationship and experience is a connection deeper into your truth.

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My goal in this lifetime is to spread the aloha I have found within my personal struggles and strides and help heal those who are ready.

I am a thirty-one year old Native Hawaiian girl who grew up swimming competitively and dancing hula. I found yoga in 2006 and have been growing my practice since 2011. I receive my 200hr E-RYT in 2013 with Core Power Yoga and I have been passionately teaching for six years. I recently travelled to India for an Advanced 300hr RYT Ashtanga Hatha and Ayerveda Medicine Certification.  Each year I invest in trainings to deepen my knowledge platform, to return home to my community with fresh energy and wisdom for growth and change.  Other then yoga, I am a certified massage therapist and reiki practitioner, soulfully fulfilling this lifetime path of healing and sharing my aloha. To book a private class or body work session with me scroll to our services page.

When I'm not sweating on my mat, my time is spent in all my passions- traveling, art, writing, coffee, family, ocean adventures, jungle exploring, eating yummy food and snuggling in clean sheets. 

Yoga asks us to tap into the dark corners of our mind and allow light to burst through.  For me, teaching is witnessing.  A commitment to observing the very present moment.  With that comes creative vinyasa sequencing, rooted in breath and anatomic articulations.  This breath that unites us all as one.

As I feed my passion to be a vehicle of Universal healing energy,  I create a space for the collective while guiding the individual through their personal transformation, breaking the chains that bind, observing the fluctuations of the mind, on their unique path to their highest self. 
 To be able to share my passion for yoga and mind body wellness, teaching and body work has been one of my life's greatest gifts.  I inspire change and growth in my life daily.  Always seeking to learn more from others so that I may learn more about myself.  I can only hope to inspire others like my family, friends and teachers continue to inspire me. 

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founder & instructor

Maisa Thayer

“Maisa has the right vibration every time I am in one of her yoga classes. She gets it from the inside out. Heart led journey that she allows us to join. I walk out feeling better in both mind and body. Not every yogi has this gift.” -Lydia Ho

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Yoga has been my path towards healing and self discovery. It is my practice that has guided me back to my self, many times. I am third generation kama’aina and was raised in Kailua, HI. I traveled for 10 years on the high seas as a ship navigator and in those times, yoga became my lifeline and kept me aligned with myself. I have always had the intention of sharing my gained knowledge and healing my community through yoga and other practices. It is my hope that in sharing we can all take part in helping to raise Hawaii’s vibration.

After many years of study, I am now a Holistic Lifestyle Counselor, Yoga Teacher (500HR RYT), and ThaiVedic Inspired Body Worker. I specialize in treating both the energetic and physical body with evidence based practices. I understand that in today’s busy world the most important thing to master is ones own’s nervous system, therefore many of my classes and therapy sessions work to heal and ground the nervous system. 

In addition to yoga, I am a ThaiVedic Inspired Body Worker(ThaiVedic: Combines Aruveyda and modern healing techniques), Holistic Lifestyle Coach(inspired by Aryuveda), and have a Masters Degree in Social Work. I have in depth knowledge of yoga philosophy, physical yoga practice, and holistic health. I am also certified and experienced in guiding yoga classes for children and teens, which brings a great amount of joy into my life. I also enjoy teaching adult yoga and blend technical physio therapy techniques with challenging poses. My classes are influenced by my strong connection to Hawaii and my experiences around the world. I love to share my passion for yoga and find inspiration in everyday life.


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