Deepen your breath.

Breathe expansively. Allow your breath to be your passage into a deeper connection physically and spiritually. In this 1 hr practice, you will have the opportunity to learn and incorporate traditions pranayama practices along with a easy asana practice.


A Yoga HIT fitness class 

It’s your time to challenge your body to challenge your mind to deepen your awareness of self.  Mana is a 50 min high intensity cathartic release, incorporating plyometrics and calisthenics to powerful music. The shift will finish with 10 minutes of heart clearing and deep breathing allowing you to drop into exactly where you are.  This class awakens you to your present moment, invigorates and strengthens your body and frees you from limited beliefs.  You are boundless!


All Levels Vinyasa

Awaken each of your senses through an all levels yoga class.  Compassionately guided, you will move your breathe and body through unique yoga sequencings and deep holds for the purpose to uncover the physical and emotional challenges of every day life.

In this 60 minute class you will be honored in a safe space to recognize and honor yourself and give yourself permission to breathe into awareness what serves you and empowers you.


Kids Yoga Class

This fun yoga "class" provides a great way for your child to unwind after a long school day.  In a non-competitive and nurturing environment, your child will practice creative asana sequences, play fun and challenging yoga style games, learn simple partner poses, learn skills & techniques for self-calming and stress relief.  Thematic ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude & acceptance will be introduced through literature and discussion.  This class provides a fun filled way to cultivate self-esteem and body awareness.  Yoga style games refine co-operation and listening skills which are essential for success in school.  Our goal is to develop strong minds and bodies while learning to release tension and relax which helps keep the spirit bright.

Wahine Circle

Women and Teenage Women Support Group

A women’s circle is an intimate gathering where we learn new ways of speaking, listening + relating to others. It is a safe place where we share, discover, and transform together, by discussing authentic issues in our lives. some topics may include: self esteem, relationships, pain, healing, and moon cycles.  As each woman claims her seat in the circle, we come together as equals united by our common purpose. A purpose of empowering each other to live more authentically and honor our divine feminine. The circle will be facilitated by Maisa Thayer, who has her Masters in Social Work and experience as a counselor specifically in women’s issues. She recently wrote her thesis on the “Relevancy of Rituals in Empowerment” on the power of circling men and women for collective healing. 

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Yoga Restore

Everyone deserves to receive supportive and safe touch. In this 1 hr yin yoga restore class, we combine, slow movements, stillness, touch and southing music to experience and feel the deeper tissues of our bodies, and the quiet spaces between our thoughts.


Class description coming soon…


Class description coming soon…