thai body work
with maisa

The session is floor body work with many movements.The client will be clothed and little to no oil will be applied. Please wear something comfortable.

$80 - 80 minute session

Thai Vedic Inspired technique and body work integrates:

Thai massage
Chinese Meridians 
integrates a balanced, 5 element based practice

The body work is in essence intended in touching the entire being. This session is intended to detoxify the body, give you more energy and improve overall health. This is a well balanced body work session that integrates compression, stretching, and meridians while also working to open holding patterns in the nervous system.

“Holistic in nature, my experience with Maisa’s Thai Body Work felt like an integration of yoga, chiropractic, massage therapy with a touch of psycho-therapy. Maisa’s style and approach assuaged my nervousness of being touched, encouraged continued healing and self-care and compassion, as a professional in the healing industry. Loved her choice of music for the session. Comfortably relaxing. Sprightly rejuvenating. Highly encouraged!” - Sheila


Intuitive touch
with Whitney Pi’ilani

It is communication through touch.

$75 - 60 minute session
$120 - 90 minute session

$175 - 120 minute session

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist Bodyworker since 2017.

It is a new integrative practice in my daily life, yet a gift and passion I have been patiently nurturing. All this to say, I know that listening to each person's body is what's most important, and placing my attention on the breath and trusting my hands is how we can work best together.



With slow, deep precision, Deep Tissue bodywork unwinds and releases dysfunctional tension in the deeper muscle layers and fascia. Deep Tissue can shift chronic dysfunction towards freer joint mobility and supple muscular movement. Deep Tissue is effective for rehabilitiating acute or chronic injuries, structural rebalancing, improved joint range of motion and release from muscular tension. It can also help reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, tendinitis, vertebral disc injuries, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Thai massage has a holistic approach that sees and treats people as a whole, including the spiritual aspects of the self. It is a dialogue between two people and finally a communication to oneself. This way of working with the body creates an in-depth connection with the musculoskeletal system and creates space for deeper emotional and mental understanding.


Help increase mobility and flexibility and overall whole body function.


Prenatal massage helps women through all stages of pregnancy, helping to prepare her physically and mentally for childbirth. Easing the mother-to-be through the dramatic changes in her body, massage greatly improves circulation and relieves the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. The discomfort of sciatica, carpal tunnel, joint stiffness, swelling and muscle cramps can be greatly reduced. Pregnancy massage gives mamas much needed down time to restore and replenish their vital energy.


Holistic Counseling
with maisa

By going tenderly into our suffering we can cultivate strength and emerge anew. We all have the innate wisdom to grow and heal our own wounds.

$40 per session (sliding scale for students and those with financial need)
please contact me regarding rates for monthly commitments (every week for a month)

I have my graduate degree in social work and I have dedicated myself to finding and developing the best practices in healing trauma and assisting clients in finding, creating, and accomplishing their ideal life direction and goals.  

I offer Holistic Counseling services for the following:
Anxiety, Stress & Anger
Relationship & Family Conflict
Emotional Trauma
Sexual Trauma & Abuse
Women’s Issues
Spiritual & Personal Exploration

As a Holistic Counselor I pay careful attention to who YOU are. I want to understand your goals and learn about your unique strengths. Together we we will bring compassionate healing to all parts of you: mind, body and spirit.

  • Create joyful & fulfilling relationships

  • Find self-acceptance & self-confidence

  • Know that you are worthy of love & success

  • Feel more grounded & courageous

    My private counseling services includes:

    Rites of Passage and Relevant Ritual Services-ROP & RRS

    As a counselor of alternative methodology and holistic practice I have researched the effectiveness of rituals and rites of passage in client’s personal growth and healing. My thesis entitled “The Relevancy of Rituals in Survivors Empowerment ” revealed significant results: survivors of PTSD before the group ritual reported 100% guilt and after ritual 44% guilt. The data found that rituals were effective and also timely in helping survivors to create meaning and transformation out of their pain and make it into their new found purpose. Additionally, the feedback from the ritual found that survivors were able to honor and remove heaviness and blocks that were keeping them from healing. They were able to move forward towards empowerment through the ceremony.

    How does that relate to you?

    Well in 2019 there has been a deconstructing of modern systems and past colonization but what will we replace it all with? It’s important to create and maintain our rites of passage our customs of sacredness.

    What is a rite of passage?

    It is a sacred custom or ritual that honors transition through significant times in our life. An example of modern rituals would be a preschool and kindergarten graduation, and yet there are no rituals for a women’s first menstruation which is an important part of transitioning to a woman and connecting to womanhood and the sacredness of our bodies. The good news is that we are able to create our own sacred customs and rites of passage with new relevant modes of healing.

    I am offering a new service that works with clients to personalize customs and creates rituals to honor life changing events such as :

    Grieving a loved one
    Transitioning relationships (divorce, separation, breakup)
    Transitioning Self-Death of self (changing careers, lifestyle change etc)
    First Menstruation
    Sexual Trauma and Abuse

    Consultation is 40$ and ritual is $60. In addition if continued support is desired sessions will be 40$ for an hour. I offer counseling services that include holistic approach. Mahalo!


private yoga sessions

looking to practice one on one with our yoga instructors? we offer both in studio and
at home visits.