It is our intentions to be a source for you to reunite your body's, physical, mental and spiritual. To support you as you grow and accept the present and place compassion for your oneself, by making peace with your past and past lives with the intention towards ~ Lamalama ka ʻōiwi, a physique glowing with health.


our studio is located on the east side of oahu, Kailua hi. message us for more details.


Kalo is an acronym that defines the 4 pillars of human existence and the connection to each other and …. Kalo is the Hawaiian word for the taro plant. The mo’olelo of the taro plant is the birth of human existence and the first Kanaka Maoli, the Hawaiian people upon this planet. 


what KALO stands for

kino • aloha • lokahi • ʻŌiwi



body, person,
individual, self


salutation, love,
compassion, grace


unity, harmony,


native, physique,


Wakea had a child with his daughter ho’ohokulani, this child halos was born a stillborn. Returning his spirit to creation, ho’ohokulani, planted him buried him, cried, wailed and wept so intensely that her tears watered over him and drew into a tender strong and far reaching heart leaf plant, this is Haloa who became the staple sustenance for all men who came after him. 

Important words to share:

‘aina: that which feeds

ha: breath ,“haloa”long

ohana: family is a word that comes from halo, from the halo plant, when the halo plant matures it produces offspring called huli, and a corm called ‘oha and wen removed from the mother plant it can be planted and mother and another mother plant start a life cycle. 

This story is the connection of people to created, to eternal time, to the past, present and future, to nature most importantly. This relationship between ‘aina and humans is binding. 


kalo Is a space to connect to the presence,
awareness through your ha, breath.