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40 days of devotion

the practice: a journey into wholeness

deeply transformative.  it will shift your mindset and change your life.  

Daily life-style choices have been linked to causing 80% of all disease.  We have created a relevant and practical program that will lead your life-style into mental clarity, a balanced body and illumination of spirit that comes with holistic living.

Today, with already little time to spare in our busy lives, we understand the difficulty in incorporating a daily yoga practice.  Often, the hardest step is showing up for yourself.  Your  daily commitment in this practice will enhance all parts of your life.

If you have come across this, its a calling from your Soul and the Universe to shift and transform.
Is life deeply complete? Are you in search of something but don’t quite know what it is?
How far has your yoga practice taken you?
What is yoga for you in this life?

Are you willing to become accountable for the reality you have created in your body,  and take power in the transformation you know you need

Yoga is to Unify (Definition of yoga to yoke). The essence of life is to journey back to The Source, the divine center we have all originated from. Each experienced interaction in life is an experience and lesson our individual soul has called for to learn and connect deeper. We are not separate from one another or from ourselves, yet we live a life through extreme, stress, anxiousness and criticism. As we seek that unity within ourselves, we have conditioned ourselves that it will be found in something outside of ourselves, diets, forceful exercising, material desires, the list continues. Now all of these ‘things’ serve a purpose in the experience of life, but these ‘things’ are not the solution/cure/answer to the separateness that is felt in your heart. Life presents us with challenging moments of resistance, asking us to be deeply present and examine in that moment and reaction, who we are and how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Not often enough do we take time to be introspective, examine our personal philosophy, greet acceptance and make a shift.

This 40 day devotional practice is built to revolutionize your soul towards clear understanding and acceptance.  To help you answer the questions you have and take you into the spaces of your heart and soul that need attention and love. We will challenge our physical bodies to become stronger through deeper patience and intentional breathing.  You will experience through your physical body a peaceful awakening when you learn or relearn the undercurrents of your mind and subconscious,   clearing negative thought patterns and cycles and adopting purpose and meaning in the present moment, leading to substantial growth.  

why 40 days?

Throughout history, spiritual revolutions have been met within devotions of 40 days or greater.  Each layer within this 40 day practice will lead you through and towards the next.  

The 40 days will be broken into 4 sections:
Week One: Presence
Week Two:  Vitality
Week Three: Equanimity
Week Four: Restoration
Week Five: Centering
Week Six: Triumph

We will utilize this structure as a tool based off of the 12 Laws of the Universe to light the path.  We will unify body, mind and soul with: a daily yoga practice, building a meditation practice, self inquire questions to uproot what is no longer apart of who we are, and healthy eating to cleanse your body. 

This is only the beginning, or a door into a space you must open for yourself.  It is not created to be easily experienced.  There is nothing for you to accomplish except to accept yourself where you are right now.  After these 40 days, you will have integrated into your life teachings from some of the greatest masters, a new perspective of life and an opportunity to actualize and integrate into your daily life, intention. 

This 40 day devotional practice incorporates methods of transformation from wise and old sources, including Baron Baptise.  

“Don’t wish for it, work for it” - Baron Baptise

class is held in a private studio in kailua on the windward side of oahu

January 5 - February 14
6:15am-7:30am daily

7:30 am- 15min Yoga Nidra

$555 per student
EARLY BIRD PRICE (sign up by Dec 20th): $333

January 5th - February 14th
January 5th - Student Orientation
January 6th - Daily Practice Begins
February 14th - Personal Daily Practice Commences

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