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20 Days of Devotion

the practice: a journey into understanding and devotion

a practice that will root you into your authenticity and wholeness  

Daily life-style choices have been linked to causing 80% of all disease.  We have created a relevant and practical program that will lead your life-style into mental clarity, a balanced body and illumination of spirit that comes with holistic living.

Today, with already little time to spare in our busy lives, we understand the difficulty in incorporating a daily yoga practice.  Often, the hardest step is showing up for yourself.  Your  daily commitment in this practice will enhance all parts of your life.

If you have come across this, its a calling from your Soul and the Universe to shift and transform.
Is life deeply complete? Are you in search of something but don’t quite know what it is?
How far has your yoga practice taken you?
What is yoga for you in this life?

Are you willing to become accountable for the reality you have created in your body,  and take power in the transformation you know you need?

Yoga is to Unify (Definition of yoga to yoke). The essence of life is to journey back to The Source, the divine center we have all originated from.

This 20 day devotional practice is here to keep you rooted in your truth and on your path of self discovery through pranayama and asana.

“Don’t wish for it, work for it” - Baron Baptise

class is held in a private studio in kailua on the windward side of oahu

November 10 -

December 14
6:15am-7:30am daily

7:30 am- 15min Yoga Nidra


November 11 -

December 14
November 11 - Daily Practice Begins
December 14 - Personal Daily Practice Commences

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